Streamlight Flashlights: a Tough Leader in Flashlights


Looking for flashlights and you don’t know which one to purchase? What’s unique with streamlight flashlights ? There are several lights in the market right now and they can make your purchase tiring and brain storming.   This is a brand of flashlights and company started in the year before 1970 because they have specially designed a light for NASA and very successful with the flashlight business. How to choose the right flashlight for you? We will found out when you complete reading this article, grab a cup of cappuccino and start reading.


Size and purpose

When buying a flashlight, the size and purpose matters a lot. The size small doesn’t denote that the flashlight isn’t powerful. There are many tiny pocket size flashlights which are more powerful and extra-ordinary. Identify your purpose for buying a streamlight flashlight, there could be many reasons like safety, emergency or for repair kit. Each one have a purpose, you must need to find it now. This brand comes with LED and Laser flashlights which can serve better.

High technology

Flashlights are not the same as it was in the past, the high technology is amazing and brings more brightness in the light. Consider C4 IED technology, which is extra-ordinary and the latest one. We want to have flashlight that has made from the latest technology and something which is trendy. We don’t need the boring flashlights that can make the light and our life tired.

Weight and Runtime

Next big thing to notice is the weight and runtime, we will looking for a torch or flashlight that is well designed weighing 1.6 ounces or less. The weight depends on the size as well because when more components are added, the weight automatically increases. Every flashlight is made from metal aluminum and can withstand high temperature. The runtime for flashlight is pretty good and up to 5 hours or 8 hours is very good. Some can go up to 200 hours or 1000 hours depending on the cost.

Choosing the lumens!

Lumen is the measurement of intensity of light that we get, every flashlight comes with unique lumen setting and some do have different brightness modes which can provide various lumen settings. Anything less than 100 lumens is good and if you want something to light up the whole street then look out for 1000 lumens and above. Because they can deliver extra-ordinary light and provide the beam of light you never imagined or never thought it would exist.

Cost of flashlight

The choice is yours to select from a wide range of flashlight products. This can brought from less than $20 to more than $1000. The technology is not as we thought before and it’s shaping the word beyond the imagination of human mind. Pen and key chain flashlights are the tiniest and the most powerful, don’t underestimate the power of tiny pen flashlight which can light up the whole street. Experiment in the dark, to know more about the durability of streamlight flashlights.



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