5 Guidelines for Buying Small Flashlight -Your Friend in Shadows in 2017

Misfortune incidents often happen in our life. You suddenly may be attacked by robbers in the middle of the street at dark and find yourself without wallet, or power may be cut off for no reason and you need to find out whether it’s the problem with electricity supply that is causing the problem.
Silly incidents also happen, like you drop your keys on the dark and cannot find it. The solution to all these problems is a small flashlight. You could avoid or come out of all these unfortunate situations only if you had the best small flashlight in the market.


Best Flashlight Size & Price Comparison





AYL 3-in-1 LED AYL 3-in-1 LED Check now 81.2mm x 17.6mm
LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight Check now HF-R 2’’
Pack of 4 flashlight Pack of 4 Check now 4.7 x 2 x 2 cm
Xtreme Bright 8590A LED Xtreme Bright 8590A LED Check now 38mm x 13mm
Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work Check now 25.4mm x 94mm


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Major features of small flashlights

Apart from the size, some of the major features of small flashlights are:

  • LED: These small flashlights use LED to emit light. LED is more energy efficient as it can produce brighter light from the same power. Its runtime is also longer. It doesn’t get damaged easily. With LED you can have multiple levels of settings to adjust the brightness according to your need.
  • Operation: Unlike the normal size flashlights which are operated using switches, small flashlights operate by either use of a button or by twisted. This is because the size of these flashlights is so small that there is no space to put a switch.
  • Brightness : The brightness of small flashlights can be adjusted. Low light is useful to look inside a key hole, whereas brighter light can light up the entire room.
  • Type of battery: Button cells are often used for small flashlights. However, CR2 and Li-ion batteries are also used.
  • Material: Small flashlights are constructed using aluminum, titanium or plastic. Aluminum flashlights are good for heat transfer due to its low density. However, the surface is prone to scratch.

Titanium is very strong and light enough to be carried around neck. Titanium flashlights are more expensive than the aluminum flashlights. Plastic is cheaper amongst the three. However, it doesn’t have enough cooling capability and so the flashlight might get hot if used for a long time.

How to carry small flashlights

Small flashlights are in demand because of its everyday use and portability. Many of these small flashlights are even smaller than AAA batteries! These are some of the ways you can carry them:

  • In keychain: You can easily hang it in keychain with a small loop.
  • Around your neck: You can use a wire loop or a neck chain to hang the flashlight around your neck. This is the safest way to keep them as there is hardly any chance of losing it. However, make sure the flashlight is waterproof, else it will get damaged while washing your face, having it round your neck.
  • In pocket: Small flashlights can easily fit on your pocket. But be careful if the flashlight is too small, as you might drop it when bending or removing your hands from your pocket. Also, make sure you take it off your pocket after coming home; else the flashlight might end up dead in the washing machine!
  • Inside your bag: You can put the flashlight in your bag, but it might be hard to find in case of need if you don’t keep it in a place you’ll remember.


Buying Guide for Small Flashlights

Before you buy small flashlight you need to learn about the different features and functions various models of flashlight offers. This will help you to select the one that will fit your purpose. You can follow our guide when buying small flashlight.

  • Within the small flashlight group also there are various sizes. Some people find very small flashlight handy, whereas others get uncomfortable with very small size. You should choose the size that you will be comfortable in.
  • Different flashlights have different brightness. It is always better to buy flashlights whose brightness can be adjusted.
  • Consider the type of battery these flashlights use. Some batteries are expensive; yet don’t run for a long time. You should buy a flashlight that uses a battery that runs more because doing so you’ll be benefited in the long run.
  • You shouldn’t buy any flashlight without warranty. Some flashlights have one year warranty whereas others have more; the more the better of course
  • It is safe to buy from a store that has a return policy. Some stores even provide online and home delivery options. Buy from wherever you feel convenient, provided they have the exact product you are looking for.
    Comparison chart of different brands


Our Best Picks

OLIGHT i2 EOS :olight-i2-eos

It emits very bright light and is operated with an AA battery. It can produce up to 70 lumens of light. It uses twist operation to adjust the brightness level of light. It has a removable clip so that you can hang it on a key ring, belt, pocket or vest. It is one of the smallest flashlights available in the market. Manufacturers claim that it is able to light up an object, like a tree, even 100 feet away during night! It is very useful when you are walking down dark stairs, corridors or looking for small objects in the dark.

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LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight :


It is a beautiful small flashlight. It’s surprising how this small flashlight, the size of AA battery, can produce such powerful light. The intensity of light can be adjusted to low, medium and high settings using ‘rotary switching system’. You can adjust to up to 5 different brightness settings. The batteries are rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about running out your batteries. These batteries can be recharged using the simple chargers readily available in the market. It can be found in various materials like aluminum, titanium and even stainless steel; each of these metals is known for their durability. Backup batteries are also included with this flashlight.


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Xtreme Bright 8590A LED :xtreme-bright-8590a-led

This small flashlight is very light and can be hanged on a keychain easily. It is able to produce a maximum of 100 lumens of light. This flashlight contains Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC) which acts as an insulator. It uses twisted mechanism to switch it on and off. Rechargeable battery is used and it comes with a USB charger. Some rings are included as part of accessories so that you can place it round key chains or belt. Other accessories like extra batteries and battery holder can be bought with this flashlight.

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Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work :



This beautifully designed small flashlight is something you would love to carry and show off. It has selector ring to change different settings. There are 17 levels of output that it can produce. The transition from one level of brightness to the other is so delicate that you will hardly notice the change. The design is unique; the button and the selector ring are positioned in such a way that it can be operated using only one hand. It can produce up to 200 lumens of output.

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Pack of 4 : pack-of-4

These are beautifully designed and well-constructed. It can produce up to 140 lumens of output. This flashlight is manufactured in small numbers, giving emphasis to its quality. Excellent craftsmanship is evident in its design. This flashlight is made up of titanium, which is known for its durability. All the detail parts of the flashlight are built with great care using the best materials. The grip is very good, so you will never get a chance to complain about losing your grip. It is a timeless piece for its design and unique functions.

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Some Points to Remember

  • As you will be hanging the small flashlight around your neck or in your key ring, the look is important. Beautiful designs exist in the market and some can even be mistaken for a piece of jewelry! It is a little something you can flash in front of your friends to turn their heads around.
  • Consider flashlights with clips or other mechanisms to carry it. Remember, small size is easy to carry, but easy to lose as well!
  • If you ever get confused with too many details about small flashlights and so many new brands coming up, then go for the established brands. These brands can never go wrong.

A small flashlight is as important as your key and wallet. People in the past didn’t recognize its everyday use mainly because of the larger size. Thanks to the manufacturers who have identified that size is a major reason for which people are reluctant to carry flashlights with them all the time.

Small flashlights are continuously getting reinvented with new technologies and features. Soon we may find some new interesting uses of small flashlights apart from its everyday use.


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