Olight Flashlight Reviews-The Best Throw Flashlight

Olight Flashlight is definitely one of the best flashlights available in the market. The company started in the year 2006, very recent one and has the motto to provide light for everyone. This has growth in the past few years and not much known like the other brands. The company provides flashlights of different varieties and has its own listings. This is suitable for everyday carrying, hunting, tracking, defending and much more.

Every year they also come up with clearance sales providing discounts for the flashlights. There are some unique features to look out for when you buy a flashlight and definitely for safety purpose, everyone must buy a flashlight. Olight flashlight reviews can help you to find the best throw flashlight in the market.

A Comparison of the different brands of flashlights





AYL 3-in-1 LED AYL 3-in-1 LED Check now 81.2mm x 17.6mm
LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight Check now HF-R 2’’
Pack of 4 flashlight Pack of 4 Check now 4.7 x 2 x 2 cm
Xtreme Bright 8590A LED Xtreme Bright 8590A LED Check now 38mm x 13mm
Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work Check now 25.4mm x 94mm


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Definite purpose

Identify the definite purpose to buy flashlight, this can be many options. With the company having more talented engineers can bring more light in your life. Whatever age you are, there is a special gadget for you from the company. Well-designed flashlights can be of great assistance in the dark or hunting or repairing your old electronic items.

Battery types

When you want to purchase a flashlight, the first and foremost thing to consider would be the battery types. There are various batteries and their life also depends on usage. It can AA batteries, AAA batteries, Cr123aa batteries or 18650 batteries. Choosing the type of battery depends on the individual and a routine study can help to identify the best battery type suited for you. But having rechargeable batteries can save your electricity bills.


Definitely cost is a factor to consider because less cost may not qualify for better quality. People have myth that when they invest higher price they can get better quality devices. That’s not true, getting the best product at lesser cost can be taking more of your time. But olight has got fantastic models at cheaper cost. The prices range from $50 to $350, which can be very classy and widely used by many people.


The light intensity is sufficient and can be used for any job. Available with 1200 lumens or more, this can be promising gadget in your home. The brightness can’t be varied I guess because there are mention of the brightness levels. There is a micro USB port which can easily charge the flashlight and suitable for all your needs. Some models, do have the different brightness modes and the memory options. Once you turn off the flashlight and turn on the next day or whatever timeframe, the flashlight has the option to retain the brightness levels.


The design is more appreciative and made with aluminum standard metal suitable for all the needs. It’s more of a new and strong design which doesn’t break quickly like the usual ones.  It is also made with stainless steel to avoid breaks and other cracks. What else do you want from a flashlight? This is the highest end looking flashlight, which is used by Tv mechanics, car mechanics and in every household to tackle power failure. The company’s motto is achievable very soon with extraordinary flashlight quality and service.


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