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What are you looking for in a flashlight? What could be the purpose of the flashlight?  Nitecore is an awesome brand of flashlight manufacturers, which was started in 2007. This Chinese brand has had its successful journey in every path including medium to small flashlights. Nitecore flashlight review will help in finding the best handheld flashlight in the market.

Like the explorer series, multi hybrid series and many other. Each series is suitable for a particular purpose and the light intensity aka lumens vary accordingly. Personal defense equipment, have you heard about it? And also about the keychain flashlights?

There are plenty of them designed by Nitecore and can provide the best quality of light. One of the best designed by Nitecore company would be the handheld flashlights.


Best Nitecore Flashlight Size & Price Comparison






 Nitecore MH25GT

Nitecore MH25GT

Check now 5.0
Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26

Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26

Check now 4.8
NiteCore Tube Tiny Keychain

NiteCore Tube Tiny Keychain Flashlight

Check now 5.0


Check now 5.0
Nitecore MH25 CREE XM-L

Nitecore MH25 CREE XM-L

Check now 4.7


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Bulb type

Unlike the other companies say for example Thrunite, Edison bright and East shine. These flashlights come up only one type of bulb Light emitting diode (LED). They have manufactured even red color LED which was used in different series of Flashlight production. LED is the leading bulb type used by many flashlight companies. It is cost effective, replaceable and bright.


The cost of flashlight ranges from $100 and less to thousand dollars, it depends on the high technology used because the components cost higher. Having a Nitecore flashlight with 1000 lumens battery power is extra-ordinary. The run time must be reasonable to 500 hours or above because you can’t change the batteries every month. We are looking for the cost and specifications which can be tough task to decide but we can do it.

Brightness levels

Flashlights are rather called as gadgets these days which come with unique brightness levels, the levels include from 4 lumens to 1000 lumens or more. If you are looking for 50$ or less, this is the brand you can trust. There are several brightness levels, May be 4 or 5 in every Nitecore flashlight models. The most beautiful thing is the flashlight comes up with a memory which can save the brightness setting. What more can you expect from flashlights, when you can dim the brightness accordingly.


Most flashlights come up with batteries like CR123A batteries or the 18650 rechargeable batteries; we can look for the best option here. Obviously it’s the 18650 rechargeable batteries that can help you stay active all the time. You don’t need to change your re-chargeable battery all the time because this can become hectic and poor life for your flashlight. We want something durable right? Make sure to remove the batteries when it’s not used because it can affect the battery life and damage the light’s durability.

EDC light

If you are looking Nitecore there are plenty of options to choose which can be the best nitecore flashlight. Nitecore p12 looks amazing. Sometimes you can get the batteries and the re-chargeable kit also like the Nitecore EC4s series or the MH20 series. Some of them are chargeable using USB which saves your electricity bill. If you are looking to purchase all in one light solution, then this is one you must purchase because it has the best performance at lesser cost. Thanks for reading the articles on best nitecore flashlight review.

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