Lantern Flashlights: Illuminate both Indoor and Outdoor


Flashlights is an essential old item and most liked by many. This has become a new gadget and it’s not anymore called as flashlight or torch. These days’ flashlights are a symbol of safety and especially women needs to carry them.  Have you heard of Lantern flashlights? I will tell you why you must purchase them.

What are the pros and cons of buying lantern flashlight? Flashlights are available in every household and they always want a better product in terms of usage, in terms of application. It would be confusing to find the right choice in making a purchase and many people can’t. Because of an increase in the amount of new products with new techniques, it becomes extremely difficult in buying the right lantern flashlight.


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Is lantern flashlights well designed?

Yes, they are well designed and can be used for every purpose like gardening or working under your car or while walking in the dark or when there is an emergency.  But the design looks old style and many people consider it as boring. People want flashlights that are light and have a perfect design. When I mention “perfect design” means the one like pocket flashlights. Are you a fan of pocket lights? If yes, then lantern flashlights would be boring to you. But they are known for their durability and power.

Reason for purchase

There could be various reasons to purchase a flashlight and one of them is emergency, which is the ultimate reason for many people. The motto is to use it when there is no power and to use it when the times of emergency. If you are looking for carrying while during travel, you can go for some other flashlight and not necessarily this one. These days all the flashlights come with LED which are most powerful and suggested by many people.

How to buy directly?

There are many options to buy lantern flashlights through amazon or any online shopping website. If you are buying in person you must look at the design, check whether the flashlight can fit in your hand? Identify whether it serves the purpose of your buying? Suppose when you want a flashlight to take while you are in travel, then lantern flashlight may not be the choice. Look out for the performance and cost, the price would more when the performance is high. Look out for the on/off switch which must be more appealing to you.

What are the specifics?

There are different specifics to look out for when buying a lantern flashlight. Like beam light, resistance and run time.  The power for the flashlight must be efficient for you and never dull moment. Water resistance is another important factor; it is 2 meters for every flashlight. Run time depends on the battery power and what model it uses. Most flashlights come with Cr123 battery or 18650 batteries. Make a wise decision when purchasing a flashlight and Lantern flashlight can be right choice for you, if you don’t worry about the design.



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