Fenix Flashlight reviews : Shining a Night on Fenix Torch

You have bought a new house and what would be the first gadget to have at home? Or what would be the first thing to purchase? My choice would be to buy a Fenix flashlight. Because I take safety as the first option and becomes the first preference. What could be the best thing other than safety, investing on safety materials can be worthy.

Investing on exercise equipment is also on my list but for now, let’s stick with safety flashlights. Why I choose Fenix because it has its own success track in the flashlight industry and it has started in 2004. This Chinese based company has all the things related to lighting and there is no regret when you bought Fenix product, you will also know why. Just keep reading the Fenix flashlight reviews.


Choose the right light

If you are looking for the right light, this is the company you must buy because it can provide you with a wide range of products. Lights are available for everyday carry, fishing, hunting, cycling or camping and tactical reasons. All the uses are covered when you choose the right light. The different sizes are mid, compact and large are the options you got. All your desires in purchasing the light can be achieved easily choosing the right option.

Various products

The company introduces various products like flashlights, headlamps and bike lights. There are many series of products which can bring more light. They also offer camping lanterns and various lighting accessories. There is a huge bank of lighting products which is at par with the current industry. Holiday kits are available which are unique and suitable for happy holiday with your family.

Cost and quality

The quality is very high and can be trusted. Quality is never comprised with Fenix and you get the state of art technology. The charges range from $50 to $300, depending on the material used and purpose of usage. The highest priced flashlight can get beam light of 490 metre and water resistivity is around 2 metres and has the option of four 18650 batteries.

Brightness and color modes

The latest Fenix flashlights can have different color modes and different brightness levels. The colors include from red, green, blue and white. The brightness levels are low, medium, high and low (usually 4 but some do have up to 6 or 7 based on the light intensity in terms of lumens)

Battery and bulb

All the flashlights are using LED, the battery types are CR123aa lithium batteries or 18650 batteries. Both the batteries are good option and you can try them both for high quality beam.

Additional features

There are many additional features includes blue led, red led and green led switch. There is a switch for low voltage warning, avoids over heating of the flashlight and made with aircraft designed aluminum. The switch for on/off which can store the brightness level through the in-built memory option. This has been the best product in the industry and you are missing the chance to buy this flashlight.


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