Best Color Flashlights of 2017- a Tool to Light up Shadows

The practical use of flashlights cannot be emphasized enough. It is such a handy tool that you can use it for all ranges and types of works. When you are searching for your keys at dark, going for a walk at night, looking through a keyhole, or even going on camping – a flashlight will be a nice companion for you. LED flashlights are now found widespread in the market because of its greater luminosity. The color of these flashlights is mostly white. But, color flashlights are also available which can help you in giving a good vision in many circumstances. Even some of the best rechargeable flashlights are of different colors.


A Comparison of the different brands of color flashlights





Fenix LD75C High Output Multi Color Flashlight Fenix LD75C High Output Multi Color Flashlight Check now 81.2mm x 17.6mm
SE FL30427 3-IN-1 Multicolor 28-LED Flashlight SE FL30427 3-IN-1 Multicolor 28-LED Flashlight Check now HF-R 2’’
Recon Flashlight – White Red BlueGreen LED Recon Flashlight – White / Red / Blue / Green LED Check now 4.7 x 2 x 2 cm
LED Lenser T2 QC Quad Color Flashlight LED Lenser T2 QC Quad Color Flashlight Check now 38mm x 13mm
A.T.A.C. R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight A.T.A.C. R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight Check now 25.4mm x 94mm

Color temperature guide

Color temperature is the shade of light emitted by a flashlight. When you buy a flashlight, it’s important to find one with the right color temperature. The color temperature depends on individual preference and application.

You must be wondering why color temperature is a factor when buying flashlights. Well, consider a piece of black iron; heat it up and you will see that the color is changing as the temperature of the iron is rising.

First, after few seconds of heating, the glow of the iron turns red. Then the color changes to orange, then white and finally blue. Even when the iron melts because of heat, the glow of the iron will change to other colors depending on the temperature. At 27000Kelvin, the glow of iron is yellow; the same as that of an incandescent bulb. This is often called the ‘warm white’.

Color of flashlights is important as with certain colors you can view an object better whereas with others you won’t be able to have a good look at it. As a rule of thumb, warm colored LEDs, like yellow, are good for viewing objects at a close distance. Cool colored lights, like blue, are good for night vision.

The Uses of Different Color Flashlights

Different color flashlights have different uses. White, the most common color, is good for illuminating the surrounding. Here are the uses of colored flashlights.

Red Flashlights

Red indicates safety and caution. Red LEDs (wavelength 630nm) are less bright to human eye than white LED. If your eyes are adjusted to night vision, then using red LED will be better than using white LED. This way you can look around without spoiling the night vision.

It is often used in camping; if you are awake while others are sleeping, you won’t disturb anyone with a bright white light, instead, you can use a red colored flashlight. Red is a sign for calling attention. Red flashlights can be used for signaling in emergency situations. 

Green Flashlights

Green LEDs (wavelength 525nm) are also good for night vision, especially when you are outdoors. It is often used by hunters. Deer and other animals are attracted by green light, so it makes hunting easier. Unlike white light, green light will not scare these animals away. Green flashlights also have a better run time than other lights.

NVG Flashlights

Night Vision Green (NVG) LEDs, having wavelength 495 nm, when used with red LEDs is good for preserving the vision at night. It is used by military pilots carrying equipment that only work with NVG lights.

Blue Flashlights

Blue LEDs (470nm wavelength) are also good for night vision. You can read a map well at night using blue flashlight. Pilots often use blue LEDs to read maps during night. Blue LEDs are also used by crime scene investigators or police to find trace of blood or other body fluids which will not be visible with other colored lights. Blue is also the only light that can pass through fog and so has wide applications in vehicle headlights.

Ultraviolet Flashlights

Ultraviolet LEDs, having wavelength of 365-400nm, are used to check the authenticity of driving license, money or other documents using watermarks. Plumber, mechanics and other workers use it to detect HVAC leaks. Crime investigators use ultraviolet LEDs to see blood and other stains more clearly.

It is also useful in detecting pests, as stains left by dogs, cats, mice, etc. are visible under ultraviolet light. You can easily find scorpions around your house with ultraviolet LED, as they turn green when the light falls on them. In mineralogy, ultraviolet lights are widely used to identify minerals.

Infrared Flashlights

Infrared LED (having wavelength 750-1000 nm) illuminates a night scene and so is very useful when going on hunting at night. Infrared light cannot be viewed with a human eye. So, when you flash it on an object, your position will not be disclosed. Using infrared flashlights, you can look at objects that are invisible with the naked eyes. A night scene illuminated by infrared light.

Our Recommendations

Gerber Recon Multicolor Flashlight:se-fl30427-3-in-1-multicolor

This flashlight is very useful for hiking, camping, hunting, emergencies, etc. It has 12 white LEDs, 8 green LEDs, and 8 red LEDs. It is made of titanium which is a high grade metal. There is a separate switch for each color. There is a carrying cord. This flashlight operates with AAA batteries.


Coleman LED multi-color flashlight:coleman-led-multi-color-flashlight

This color flashlight can is multitasking. The white light can be used as a daily light, red as night vision, and blue as sportsman’s light. Its beam can reach more than 500ft. It is water resistant and has three years of warranty.


Quarrow Dual-Color Sportsman Flashlight:quarrow-dual-color-sportsman-flashlight

It has green and white LED. It is shock proof and water proof. It can produce white light of 100 lumens and green light of 90 lumens. It is made of high quality aluminum. The green light is great for night vision. A pocket clip is included for easy carrying. The body has bezels that can be used for self-defense.


Recon Flashlight – White / Red / Blue / Green LED:

This multitasking flashlight lets you choose from four LED colors according to your need. It uses the Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens (DIAL). With this technology, you can dial in the colors of your preference. It can run uninterruptedly up to 4 hours. This flashlight is waterproof. It has a clip to fix it in your pocket or belt. It is made of aluminum which is known for its durability.


A.T.A.C. R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight:a-t-a-c-r3mc-li-ion-tactical-flashlight

This flashlight produces exceptional quality light. It produces up to maximum 239 lumens of light. It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. The switching options are very easy to use. It has 3 hours of run time when used on high mode and can run for 43 hours when used on low mode operation. It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. AC and DC connectors and a charging cradle are included with this flashlight. Belt clip or holster is also included for easy carrying.


Some buying tips

The material with which the flashlight is made of is important. High grade aluminum and titanium are good options.

  • You should buy flashlight according to your purpose. For example, if you want flashlight for good night vision, then buying a flashlight producing ultraviolet light won’t be helpful. Instead, you need to buy a green flashlight.
  • The brand is important. Read reviews and ratings before deciding on which brand to choose.
  • When buying multicolor flashlights, make sure the switching nob or button is easy to operate. That is, you should be able to switch from one color to the other smoothly.
  • Color Flashlights of various prices are available in the market. Choose one that fits your budget.
  • Color flashlights are very versatile in their functionality. However, there are people who do not consider the functionality of the colors when buying the flashlights. You should learn about the different features of the flashlights and the different color functions before buying a color flashlight in order to use it to its highest potential.