A Guide to Finding the Best Tactical Flashlight of 2017

Do you have any tool or a protocol that you use when you are walking in public or out by yourself at late night? Just think – it’s a late Saturday night and you are strolling to your car after a fun frolicking evening with your friends. As you turn the corner down a dimly lit sidewalk, you see a shadow swoop across the wall and hear some long strides approaching towards you.

This made your hair stand on end. As you start to take longer strides, the steps behind you starts to pace up as well. You glance around attempting to make out shapes oblivious when all of a sudden a clenching hand interfaces with your cheekbone. On an apparent end, you find yourself on the ground and could feel your car key and wallet being taken away from your pocket.

Before you had sufficient energy to respond, your attackers have already vanished once more into the front of obscurity.

A Comparison of the different Top Rated tactical flashlights





Streamlight 88040 ProTAC picture Streamlight 88040 ProTAC Check now 6.25″ long X 2.9″ head diameter X 2″ body diameter
SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 picture SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Check now 3.6” long
EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight Check now Body Diameter 22.5 mm
EcoGear FX Professional Grade EcoGear FX Professional Grade Check now 4.25” long

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Now you could have prevented it!  All you needed was the best tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight is your number one security tool. A flashlight could have been your first defense against those thugs. Because you’re going to use a flashlight way more than you have ever used a fire arm or a knife or anything else for that matter.

The best tactical flashlight is inherently shining and illuminating an area and studies have shown – light detours crime. We are going to talk specifically about the flashlight not necessarily being just a security tool but how it could have also acted as a preventive measure.

What is a tactical Flashlight?

The first question that hovers around our mind is “what makes a flashlight tactical?” A tactical flashlight is nothing like those old fashioned flashlights. A tactical flashlight has been specially designed for police or military personnel. These high lumen flashlights could easily be mounted on a weapon to aid low-light shooting and for clear visual purposes.

These small gears are made out of weapon grade aluminium material which not only maximizes durability but also helps to emit more light and withstand any harsh climate changes. These tactical flash lights are usually smaller than those traditional flashlights and could come in handy for the civilians as well.


These tactical flashlights come in with diverse features which not only contribute to comfort but top the priority in hierarchy of need to have items for defense and safety issues. The most noteworthy features that make it stand out are as follows –

  • High lumen LED makes it extremely bright and powerful
  • The light output remains constant all the time
  • This splendour brightness continues for an ultimate time of working
  • Withstand wide scope of temperature changes
  • Robust body with reliable durability
  • High dust proof and waterproof standards

Why you should carry the best tactical flashlight every day?

Finding simple general utility – When you carry a flashlight every day you would find that you are using it for all sort of reasons – looking for something that you put in your glove box or in a drawer, finding something that has been rolled under the couch or for even finding what your toddler has just put in his mouth.

So when you use a flashlight like that for general utility you could always put it in the low mode by using that high-low tail cap. But beyond general utility we are also going to talk about how carrying a tactical flashlight everyday could truly save your life.

Creates situational awareness – At the very first shot a tactical flashlight would give you a tremendous situational awareness that you could never have without it. For example – leaving a building at night, you could immediately search and scan the environment for any potential threats that might be there.

Not only is carrying flashlights and using it to scan your environment is not only giving you situational awareness, it would also let any potential assailants know that you are aware. And trust us; criminals always like to use darkness and the element of surprise, to take advantage of that limited visibility of their would-be victims. Just the fact that you’re using that tactical flashlight to scan your environment tells them that you’re not going to be an easy victim.

Helps identify threats – After scanning the environment in case you encounter or come across a potential threat, now this flashlight still remains useful yet by another way. You could use this flashlight at its highest intensity to focus on that threat issue perhaps make verbal command if you are uncertain – “who are you?”, “what are you doing here?” or even command him with strong trigger words like I see you or get out of here.

If the threat still continues, don’t be afraid to shine the light directly in their eyes. As their pupil most likely wouldn’t be fully dilated for the night adapted vision and the intensity of this modern tactical flashlight would certainly temporarily blind them. Hence giving you those precious seconds to assess further situation, the level of threat, the risk or even what you could do next.

Acts as an excellent impact weapon – If the preceding wasn’t enough to deter the would-be assailant from continuing his attack and things become physical carrying a tactical flashlight provides an excellent impact weapon.

Of course you want to be sure that you choose a flashlight that is tough enough to repeat the smack to that skull process and it still continues to function.  Don’t worry, its ergonomic and robust body makes it totally durable, reliable and keeps it functioning even after those massive repetitive smacking.

Which flashlight will be best for a tactical situation?

By now we already know that the tactical flashlight is a great self-defense tool. But the question arises – which one should you carry? The one you are opting for should befit with your budget and personal preference. But there are few more things you should be looking out for while making a purchase decision. It is better to go for the best tactical led flashlight.

  • Small and convenient to carry – You would surely want to buy something small enough that is good to carry in your pocket every day. So buying a big flash light wouldn’t be a wise decision nor would it be convenient for you to carry.
  • Light output 120 Lumens at least – To make a flashlight work as an effective self-defense tool, you should at least have 120 lumens of light output to disorient the attackers. Going any less than 120 lumens would not get the job done.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t go off for purchasing those bling lights mounted with too much functionality. You don’t want to complicate things for yourself with all those complex functions, when you would need to only use the primary feature i.e. disorienting the attacker with bright light.
  • Water and dust proof – The wisest decision would be to get a flashlight that is water and dust proof. Getting a flashlight that is waterproof would keep it going during rain and other wet conditions.
  • Easy to grip and ruggedly constructed – Surely your flashlight has to come across and withstand a lot of action, so make sure to purchase a tough metal which should still yet be light weighted. Also remember to make sure about its gripping; you really don’t want to drop it when you would need it the most.
  • Incandescent or LED – It is indeed best to choose LED flashlights over incandescent bulbs because an incandescent light would break at ease, whereas LED lights could easily withstand those repetitive smacking and still be functioning as well as new.
  • Rechargeable – It always adds an advantage if it’s rechargeable. You can learn about the best rechargeable flashlight from our homepage.

At last but not the least we all know that a tactical flashlight would never be a replacement for a handgun. A flashlight isn’t an indispensable compliment to carrying a firearm. Unlike a deadly weapon, a tactical flashlight may be deployed when a threat is uncertain.

You hear strange noise or even simply get a creepy uneasy feeling you could just get your flashlight out with confidence and wouldn’t have to be accused of brandishing a weapon or being over reactive to something. So when you’re in doubt, just get the flashlight out.

The idea of carrying a flashlight day in and day out would have been impractical if not laughable just a few years ago. Back in the days of flashlights running on multiple D-cell batteries being over a foot long which weighed 2 pounds or more and could only produce an underwhelming 45 lumens of light. It is understandable why people at that time didn’t carry flashlights with them all the time.

But now the technology has been very good to us, today you could grab onto one of these small yet extremely powerful palm sized LED tactical flashlight which could produce over 300 lumens of light from a single CR 123 A lithium battery. And it would just weigh in and around 3 to 4 ounces only. Compare that to a single D cell battery, with a battery alone weighing 5 ounces.

So modern advancements in LED tactical flashlights have taken away any excuse you might have ever had to not carry a flashlight with you. It is now time for you to come to the light.


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