5 Best Rechargeable Flashlights (a step-by-step guide)

Sometimes even when we have the best tool with us, we cannot make use of it as the accessories are not in place. Flashlight is such a tool which is useless if it runs out of batteries. A good number of people must have faced this problem and that’s why manufacturers thought of coming up with rechargeable flashlight.

Rechargeable flashlight will save you from many crucial situations. With rechargeable flashlight you never have to worry about your battery running out. It frees you from the trouble of buying battery again and again. The best rechargeable flashlights will last a long time.

A Comparison of the different brands of rechargeable flashlights





Fenix LD75C High Output Multi Color Flashlight Fenix LD75C High Output Multi Color Flashlight Check now 81.2mm x 17.6mm
SE FL30427 3-IN-1 Multicolor 28-LED Flashlight SE FL30427 3-IN-1 Multicolor 28-LED Flashlight Check now HF-R 2’’
Recon Flashlight – White Red BlueGreen LED Recon Flashlight – White / Red / Blue / Green LED Check now 4.7 x 2 x 2 cm
LED Lenser T2 QC Quad Color Flashlight LED Lenser T2 QC Quad Color Flashlight Check now 38mm x 13mm
A.T.A.C. R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight A.T.A.C. R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight Check now 25.4mm x 94mm

Benefits of rechargeable flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight was invented in the late 70s. The fact that it could be used again and again without replacing batteries was a revolutionary idea back then.

Policemen, firemen, rescue teams, and mechanics found it very useful and they first bought the rechargeable flashlight to aid in their everyday work. Slowly, the market of rechargeable flashlight expanded and people of all walks of lives started buying it.

The following are some of the reasons people prefer rechargeable flashlights to normal ones.

Lights are powerful: Rechargeable flashlights are more powerful than regular flashlights. These flashlights use a new technology to remove the ‘black spot’ on the light which sometimes hinder visibility. These flashlights last much longer than the normal ones.

LED flashlights: Most modern rechargeable flashlights are LED flashlights. LED flashlights are glowing and more powerful, letting you see things more clearly.

Economic: Though rechargeable flashlights are more expensive than normal flashlights, in the long run you will save money. You won’t have to spend extra money again and again for batteries in case of rechargeable flashlights.

Types of rechargeable flashlights

Rechargeable flashlights come in many forms. First, there is the flashlight with dedicated batteries. Such flashlights are smaller in size and produces better results as the batteries are custom made.

Second type of rechargeable flashlights is those with Li-ion batteries that are rechargeable using an external charger. These batteries can be 14500, 18650, 16340 or 10400.

There is a third type of rechargeable flashlight which has built-in charger, so you don’t need to take out the battery or use an external charger to recharge it.

Things you should know before buying best rechargeable flashlights

Buying a good rechargeable flashlight isn’t easy. Since rechargeable flashlights are more expensive than others, you must take decision wisely. Here is our guide on what features to look for when buying the best rechargeable flashlight.

Material: The durability of flashlights depends on the material used in constructing them. Metals are strong and flashlights made from metal are ideal to take for camping. Some metals resist corrosion.

However, they are heavier so may be inconvenient to carry around all the time. Plastic is light unlike metal but less durable. Plastic comes in many colors, so you can have colorful flashlights. Flashlights made from rubber are also available. They provide good grip, so has less chance of slipping from your hands.

Charging methods: It is important to consider whether the flashlight can be charged with an external charger or gets charged internally. If it can be charged externally, find out whether car charger will work or you need to use the mains electricity supply. You can choose the flashlight whose method of charging is comfortable for you.

Purpose: There are different sizes of rechargeable flashlights in the market; some are small, whereas others are a bit larger. There are also variations in the light intensity, adjustable settings, etc. in different rechargeable flashlights. You choose the one that serves your purpose well. For example, if 300 lumens work for you then you don’t need to buy one with 500 lumens.

Buying used one: Some rechargeable flashlights can be really expensive. If you have inclination to brands, then you can buy a used one which is affordable. If you go on a once in a lifetime camping trip and need to take a flashlight for such purpose only, then you can buy a used one instead of a new one.

Also, in websites like eBay you often come across flashlights that are in mint condition, almost as good as new. In such case buying a used flashlight will save you money. Whatever the reason might be for buying a used flashlight you must consider a number of factors before buying. These include condition of the flashlight, its price compared to a new one, warranty, type of batteries, bulb, etc.

Warranty: Some rechargeable flashlights have lifetime guarantee, while others have only one year guaranty.

Reviews: Check out the online reviews of different rechargeable flashlights. You will get to know about the user’s actual experience with the flashlight. Reviews also tell you what type of recharging method are easy and convenient.

Shopping options: It is better to buy from sellers who provide return policy option. If such option is available, the seller expects that you return the product in good condition.

If you don’t have any good shop for buying rechargeable batteries in your own area, then you can find shops online that provide home delivery options.

Major brands available in the market

  • Pelican
  • Streamlight
  • Maglite
  • Fenix
  • Surefire
  • Olight
  • Nitecore

Our recommendations

Fenix LD75C High Output Multi Color Flashlight :


This rechargeable flashlight has a lifespan of 50000 hours! It operates with one Li-ion 18650 battery or two CR123A 3V Li batteries. It has LEDs and produces up to 960 lumen of light. The intensity of light can be regulated digitally. It has protection against over-heating. The body of the flashlight provides good grip. It is one of the most affordable and good quality rechargeable flashlights in the market today.


SE FL30427 3-IN-1 Multicolor 28-LED Flashlight : se-fl30427-3-in-1-multicolor-28-led-flashlight

It uses C4 Light Emitting Diode technology to produce 600 lumens of light. It is made of aluminum and is waterproof. It gives optimum light output throughout the life of the battery. It provides three different modes of operation.


Recon Flashlight – White / Red / Blue / Green LED :recon-flashlight

It is compact, stylish and reasonably priced. It produces 220 lumens of LED light. It is waterproof. This rechargeable flashlight is durable as it’s made up of aluminum. You can operate it in five different modes, including SOS flashing in case of calling for help.


LED Lenser T2 QC Quad Color Flashlight :led-lenser-t2-qc-quad-color-flashlight

This flashlight has very high performance and various features. The battery lifespan of this flashlight is 10000 hours. It has 16 different dial settings and can produce up to 500 lumens of light. The body is made of high quality aluminum. It has five different modes to change the light intensity.


A.T.A.C. R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight :a-t-a-c-r3mc-li-ion-rechargeable-multi-color-tactical-flashlight

Its body is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It has high quality focus beam. The body never gets too hot. It is energy efficient. It produces maximum of 230 lumens of output.

Some final advice

  • You should buy the one that has easy rechargeable option, like, option to be recharged on car or possible to recharge without removing the battery.
  • Good quality battery will have longer life span. Custom batteries are better.
  • If the flashlight has more adjustable features, its better. That way you can control your light intensity according to your need.
  • Buy according to your purpose. If you buy it for outdoor activities then the construction of the flashlight must be strong.
  • Don’t go for expensive ones if your usability of the flashlight is not much. You can find many good rechargeable flashlights at affordable price.

This multifunctional rechargeable flashlight can be used for camping, hiking, or any emergency situations. It has LEDs and Li-ion batteries which makes it powerful at the same time long lasting.

Over the years manufacturers of rechargeable flashlights have worked to find a better way of recharging the batteries. Now you can get micro-USB chargers which you can fit into your mobile phone! So, even if you are at a place where there is no electricity supply, you can easily recharge your rechargeable flashlight using the micro-USB charger.

Rechargeable flashlights are available in all prices. Price is not the only measuring factor for the quality of the flashlight. There are some excellent quality rechargeable flashlights that cost very little money. Of course, you also have the option to buy used rechargeable flashlights as well. Before you finalize on the model of the flashlight, make sure you do enough research online to know whether its’ the right one for you.