The Best Headlamp for Hiking for a Hands Free experience

Best headlamp flashlights are required whether it is an emergency situation or you some help in repairing your old kits, you must need a flashlight. There are many flashlights available in the market and you must know which one to purchase. What is a headlamp flashlight? This is the flashlight that is used by explorers and you may have noticed in the adventure movies. This is best suited while trekking in the forest and May not suitable for working indoor. How can you find the right model?


Best Headlamp for hiking: LE Headlamp LED

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Branded flashlights

There are plenty of flashlights available in the market but please do for branded because they are durable and can withstand heat and more comfortable to wear on head. Energizer is the top brand while there are other brands like aennon, lighting ever, mifine and powercap. Find the design that suits you better which you must look after making needs and the design. Compared with handheld flashlights, the branded headlamp flashlights are more classy and interesting. It gives rest to your hands and you can carry objects in the dark.

What about the cost?

The cost may vary depending on the Bulb used, design and battery type. Normally the cheapest headlamp flashlight ranges to 14 to 20$ while the high price range can be from 900$ and less. Because of the high end technology and specs as I already mentioned. There are some headlamp flashlights used by dentist for their regular surgical operations. And some are used by people who work with machinery because they don’t have time to remove and replace it every time. A model like Welch Allyn costs around six hundred dollars. The light is perfect for any operation and can come up to 10,000 hours. These also come up with zooming facilities.

Battery type

There are two main battery types here; one could be using a rechargeable battery and the other as using current. Go with the rechargeable battery because it is movable and you can take it outdoors while the permanent current operated one can affect you because it can’t movable and wires around your home can make it messy. But it’s best suitable for dentist and they can handle easily in their day to day operation.

Bulb type

The bulb determines the quality of light which is available with LED and most commonly used one. It is better to go with LED bulb types and not choose krypton or Xenon bulb types because LED consume less power, effective and easily replaceable. LED has changed the way of lighting with the flashlights. The light intensity may vary from less than 100 lumens to greater than 1200 lumens. There are variety of bulb types which can used for mining, fishing or in factories.

What to look for?

When you decided the brightness and bulb type. You must look for the comfort in wearing the flashlight. How much comfort you can get from the belt and other things. Look out for a bright design with the flashlight, something which is not boring and something which is very strong in design and catchy. This is definite item to have with you while you are travelling in night time.

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