5 Steps to Buy the Best Handheld Flashlights

You must rely on the best handheld flashlights these days because you need to repair your TV set on Sunday morning. Or you want to work for your car and make things running. What you need is a light, we call it a flashlight. Handheld flashlights are simply flashlights and there is no specific reason behind it. But when it comes to buying the handheld flashlights, what can you think about? What are the things to keep in mind when buying a good handheld flashlight?

Handheld Flashlights

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Identify the models

There are varieties of models these days which can serve for your purpose. What are the brands that we must look out for?  The different brands like ultra-fire, stream light, lighting ever, J5 tactical, solaray , oxyled and classic glow are the different varieties. Identify which suits you better. Because it is of individual taste, one may be liked by a person may be not good for another person. Go with the basic needs and the cost you can definitely find the right model.


The most vital thing to look with a flashlight is the brightness. What is the type of work you must do? What is the light intensity that you require? There are some flashlights which have less light intensity while other with tiny size having very high light intensity. You can look out for flashlights less than 100 lumens or from a hundred to two hundred, up the way to about 1200 lumens and above.  The more brightness, the cost would be higher as you expect.

Battery type

Look out for the battery type; there is difference between models here with these types. Look out for rechargeable battery types which can save you a lot of money. Most batteries stay up to one or two months depending on the purpose. When you can use the rechargeable ones, this can get you more benefits. There are solar battery types which you might not heard of, also there are hand crank types which can be more effective in terms of usage and power.

Bulb type

The brightness and clear picture of the beam can be improved when we use the right bulb types. Halogen, Xenon, krypton and LED are the popular bulbs used. But stick to LED which is more effective and used by many people. Use the bulb which is used by majority of people because this can be easier and you can get replacement quickly. LED are more powerful and require only little power compared to other models

What about the size and usage?

Handheld flashlights are compact and pocket size in some models.  Most people go with compact size and something which has more lumens for brightness. Waterproof is also used by many people, this can be used under water for just 2 meters ( most flashlights have this level of resistivity and above that it may not work ) so, look out for these valid things and make a purchase for a new flashlight that you can rely upon.

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