Best Camping Flashlight Choosing Techniques of 2017

When you plan to go out for camping, you must be careful about the essential equipment required for your safe trip. As a camper, you always require the best camping flashlight to find your sleeping bag, going to the washroom, cooking food and looking for a passage in the darkness of night. Well, there are several kinds of flashlight available in the market to serve you. But you need the flashlight which can provide you quality and durability. First of all, you must decide about your specific requirements and then you can easily decide about the best camping flashlight.

Best Camping Torch Size & Price Comparison





AYL 3-in-1 LED AYL 3-in-1 LED Check now 81.2mm x 17.6mm
LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight Check now HF-R 2’’
Pack of 4 flashlight Pack of 4 Check now 4.7 x 2 x 2 cm
Xtreme Bright 8590A LED Xtreme Bright 8590A LED Check now 38mm x 13mm
Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work Xtreme Bright Ultra Pocket Work Check now 25.4mm x 94mm


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All of us want to save some money, but we also want to fulfill our needs. You can find a camping flashlight between the prices of $20 to $250 or more, but you have to be careful about the money you are spending.  These flashlights basically differ in terms of brightness. Another aspect is the difference between the battery operated and rechargeable camping flashlights. Rechargeable flashlights are costly.

Beam Distance:

This tells the distance how far the flashlight can throw its beam. It depends on your need, but it should produce a beam of 100 feet. Select the best brightest flashlight according to your need.

Running time:

In my opinion, battery operated flashlights prove to be the best camping flashlights in this context. You must not look for rechargeable to save some money in this respect.


When you are camping, your flashlight may fall so it must be made up by some good material to resist such falls. If a flashlight gets cracked, it may be out of order and you will be in a deep trouble at night during camping at a distance from any major town or city.

Type of the bulb:

The intensity of the flashlight highly depends on the quality and type of the bulb. LED flashlights are recognized for their high standards, quality and energy efficiency.

Type of the beam:

The beam of a flashlight depends on the type of lens used. There are three common types including adjustable, flood and spot. Flood is used for general tasks, the spot is used to focus at a long distance and the adjustable can be used for both the general and focusing purposes. It is clear from its name that you can adjust the lens according to your own requirement.

Water resistivity:

This feature is very useful when you face rain or you are camping near a waterfall. In this respect, we find three levels of water resistivity including IPX4, IPX7, and IPX8 rating. IPX4 is a splash resistant; IPX7 can resist water up to the depth of 1.5 m for 45 minutes while the IPX is the best of three types and can resist water for up to five (5) hours.

Rechargeable and renewable camping flashlight:

The most common batteries used in the flashlights are the AAA, AA, and CR123A. The best rechargeable flashlights are equipped with lithium batteries. Now a day, solar panels are also used in the flashlights.

Bottom line:

You must carefully analyze all the aspects in purchasing the best camping flashlight so that you don’t face any kind of trouble during your camping.